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Phototips: VOYAGE part I, imitation of sunlight

Hi! Here is my second "making of" article :)
You can see previous part here - Mysteria lookbook 

Today I'd like to tell you about my campaign shoot for Nasonpearl. Here was some different looks with sautoirs (tassel jewelry), the issue was dedicated to summer traveling season. Hot sunny days and mysterious dark nights near the sea is a locations and mood we are chosen for this shoot.
The studio was big, so we have no problems how to work with a light.

I want to start from the simple: Portrait in the "day" with my first model Tonya. My aim here was an imitation of real sunlight, hot and warm. White balance on my camera was pulled a little bit to the warmer side of color temperature scale to get an effect of hot summer sun. I don't like to use hard modifiers in woman portraits, so i just used 150cm okta + big silver reflector in front of her face.
Youare also can see filling soft light on her right shoulder and curls, it's a horizontal rotated stripbox…

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