BRIEF: The best friend of photographer

"BRIEF: The best friend of photographer"

So let’s imagine that you are a photographer. The client writes to you and asks for the catalogue of shoes, for example. What are you planning to do in such a case? Sure you will be in panic with searching for the info who is that guy in Google, what is he doing and which company he represents? Searching the site of the company and by the way with the easiest logical calculations you will find the killer of John Kennedy and lair of secret government of reptiloids. 

That's nice. But we just want to know who your client is? So, here is a "Brief" for your support! 

Unfortunately the biggest part of our clients especially, if you are a personal photographer, not even knows what a Brief is. Let's study! 
Brief is just a short written form of an agreement that is used by people who planning to work together. There you can notice the main parameters of a future programming, graphical, photographic or any other media. 

Sounds hard but it is just a paper that regulates the thoughts in the mind of еру designer and gives him the right course of creative searching. Of course there is a little hidden pitfall: Your client has to think :) 

Your client can fill the brief himself or brief can be presented in a form of question-answer by your desire. 

Here is a short universal brief that I use in my work: 
1) The Customer. Name, surname, the contact information. The Contacts of the trustee if it is applicable. 
2) Time limits for the project. 
3) The type of work (Ad leaflet, catalogue, lookbook, personal work, videoad etc.) 
4) The detailed information about the project with instructions for quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the final product. 
5) The desired style of the final product (Classical, avant-garde, romantic etc.) 
6) Specifications for color (Contrast combinations or soft pastel palette) 
7) The Examples of desired and similar shots, the mood. 
8) The rest desires of the customer, the list of ideas and moods. 
So hope this easy thing can save a lot of your time and organizes your work better! You can catch away this article and use it if you like it! :)

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