Harmful advices from photographer to models


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Sometimes we have to meet some casuses during photo shoots that's why I decide to write this jocose article. Hope someone has a fun with it or maybe finds here something useful

1) When you are going to shoot be sure that the nails on your legs are totally red

2) Self-tanner is a panacea from any problems. Pale skintones are for shut-in people.

3) Snapshots? What is is? What are you doing on your "shots" dammit??

4) Do not forget what is the message that you receive during the shoot - Is it a contract from a top-agency?!

5) If it's not a contract just do not forget to be disillusioned. Now you can hold on the shoot with a really sad face.

6) Invite your boyfriend to the photoshoot in case of emergency - your grandma. They have obviously better understanding of specifics of equipment and tricks of the trade of working with a model than your photographer.

7) Never, belive me, NEVER turn your "unworking" part of face to the photographer.

8) Your friend, salesman from "MaryKay" applyes the makeup for the shoot better than a professional stylist because she applyes it for the half of big-mac.

9) Compulsory evolve a plan with a very important meeting. Ready? Now you can ask about leaving us earlier.

10) Ask the photographer to show you photos every 2 minutes. If you are not sure with a result - just take your phone and do some selfies for instagram. Yay! The time is well-spent!

11) As you come home immidiatly write to your photographer and ask your photos. Don’t pay your attention even he is tired. He is just a liar and lazybones!

P.S: In general I'm in love with my models but there are some funny moments that I notice sometimes :D Do you have any funny stories? Let's share it!


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