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Because of questions i receive about lighting on my campaign shoot "Mysteria" i create this post. I think you know what it's hard to receive clean lightening when you shoot on location with sunlight, so i decided to use here flashes to organize my work more productively and quicker. Here was 25 (or about) magnificent dresses and our aim was to make the shoot in one day because of lack of budget. So, let's go!

What i'd like to tell about the light here: We are taken one "Einstein" flash and one generator. No matter which brand of light you use, but the light modifiers are important. I prefer really soft light like okta, softboxes or big unfocused Para modifiers. It seems natural for your eyes and magical a little bit :)

It was my first experience of working with flashes on location. I didn't knew about modern generators for photography and chose the one worked on benzine. It was a biggest mistake in my life lol! Not only it's really big and cumbrous, it's also was broken during transportation. So, just try to take something like Broncolor move 1200 if you have such opportunity.
It's really easier.

So here is my lighting diagram for this series: 

You have to understand what it's just a position of light, not a panacea. You can also get the same results with another techniques. F.e using the system of different bufflers, but do not forget, we are shooting on location and we really depend of sun. Through the day the sun was moving, but location was the same. So i just changed the power output when it was necessary. Here i didn't tried to break the sun, i wanted to see my flash naturally combined with a daylight, this way i used typical shutter 1/160 and low-power impulses.

See the shots:
First one was made at the start of the day (it was cold and gloomy, you can't see but the sun is behind her and closed by clouds).
But the second shot was taken at the sunset when the rays fell down the ground at last after the whole day. (I led my model to the shadow of trees and continue to work with the similar position of flash)

Camera: Canon 5D mkII with Canon 24-105 f/4
Flash: Einstein E640ws with 150cm octabox
Manfrotto tripod and stand

More photos from this series:

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